Product update: September 2019

Autumn is here in the Yukon. Trees, hills and mountainsides are beautiful shades of yellow, red and green. Kids are back to school and people are settling into new routines.

Autumn in Yukon
Autumn in Yukon

For Five Ravens, autumn means many sport organizations (clubs, leagues and associations) need to be able to accept registrations for their programs and manage players, communications, teams, event schedules, games and practices.

This is exactly what Five Ravens was built to do. We happen to think it’s pretty good at it too.

During the summer we worked hard to add features and improve Five Ravens based on our early customer and player feedback. We asked questions, kept track of usage and heard some great ideas and suggestions from our customers.

Five Ravens is now in a spot where the product is very stable, maturing nicely and can do quite a lot more than it did just a few months ago.

We’re growing up!

Shameless plug: If you’re a sport organization looking to manage your small league, club or association in a simple, fast and fun way, contact (link: text: to chat with us. No pressure and no strings attached.

So, what have we been working on to make Five Ravens better? Here’s a short list of highlights.

Landing pages for season or club registration

With Five Ravens, small sport associations can create their own standalone landing pages to be used on social media, email newsletters or linked from their website. The registration landing page includes the title of your season or club, a big button to register, live player count and upcoming events.

Season landing page
Season landing page

Unlimited payment options

Sport associations can now collect payment online through Stripe, via eTransfer or in-person, such as cheque or cash. Our product makes it easy to set up all or any number of these payment options.

Digital waivers

Five Ravens allows players and parents to sign a digital waiver and agree to terms during the season or league registration process. Waivers are fully editable by association administrators and there’s no limit on how many waivers you can create.

Add staff members to an organization

Many small sport groups have just one staff member who does everything. Quite often, this person is also a volunteer with limited time and resources. If your organization is lucky enough to have several people on staff, Five Ravens makes it easy to add more users to your association profile. This means that they too can manage player registrations, build game schedules, create teams and more.

Linked players

If you share the responsibility of parenting or guardianship of a child with another adult, Five Ravens allows you to keep on top of schedules and communications. Our product now features the ability to add and register a young player, then share that player’s information and updates with someone else. Enter their Five Ravens account email and you’re done!

Custom questions

We’ve now made it possible to add custom questions to a club or season’s registration flow. Administrators can ask registrants if they want a jersey, what their height is, their preferred playing position, availability and many other types of questions. Our custom question tool is very flexible.

Team and season schedules

After a player has been added to a team, their upcoming event schedule will always appear on their dashboard after signing in. Five Ravens shows events organized into what’s happening today, tomorrow and weeks and months afterwards. Sport leagues and clubs get the same treatment for their entire season; a list of all upcoming and past events.

What’s next?

Currently under development are improved tools for managing game results, viewing event calendars and understanding how your sport association is performing with internal reports. We can’t wait to share more on these developments in the coming weeks and months.