Product update: November 2019

For everyone else, Christmas is about a month away (far too long in my kids' opinion). In Five Ravens land, guess what? Christmas came early!

Here's our gifts to you, our beloved customers.

Send group, team and person-to-person messages

You can now send email messages to individual people, teams and entire groups directly from within Five Ravens. Depending on how your organization is set up, these groups may be clubs, divisions or leagues.

We make it easy to find the person or people you want to contact and send them a message. An archive of your messages are kept within Five Ravens so you can reference them later.

New Five Ravens messaging
New Five Ravens messaging

Messaging is a feature that many organizations have asked us for, especially those who operate in Canada. Canadian sport organizations follow the Safe Sport protocol which includes guidelines for anti-harassment, abuse prevention, investigation and disciplinary action.

Our new messaging feature helps those running organizations to follow and adhere to these guidelines.

Share game scores and season standings

Scores can now be easily added to games. This is helpful if you want to maintain season standings and share results with your participants.

New Five Ravens Standings page
New Five Ravens Standings page

If your organization uses Five Ravens to report scores then your season standings will show up automatically to the public. If you don't keep track of scores, these standings are hidden from view.

New Five Ravens website

The previous version of our Five Ravens website was a simple, one-page affair. As the Five Ravens product has grown and matured, and we have more news to share we felt it necessary to build a better site.

Our new Five Ravens website features a product tour, blog and pricing.

As always, if you have any questions or would like to get started with Five Ravens, contact