Make sense of schedules

Small sports clubs or leagues who aren't using a modern product like Five Ravens often rely on spreadsheets and PDFs to share schedules with parents, players, coaches and officials.

Spreadsheets and PDFs cause issues in several ways. These issues affect how people view the professionalism of your club or league. You want to make their experience as smooth and as enjoyable as possible so they return and tell others.

The first issue is that spreadsheets and PDFs represent a snapshot in time. Even the smallest change to a schedule means you have to contact everyone and tell them about your update. People need to download the file again, look for changes and update their own calendar, manually. That, or they miss games and practices.

Second, not everyone owns or knows how to use software to open a spreadsheet. PDFs are less troublesome in this way, but PDFs are not ideal for those who check their schedule on a mobile phone.

We believe the way that Five Ravens handles schedules - by showing people the events that matter most to them; their own and the linked players they are responsible for - is much smarter.

People only see their events and no others. Nobody has to hunt down changes like a game of Where's Waldo?

Five Ravens Dashboard
Five Ravens Dashboard

We also give everyone the ability to download a calendar file (iCalendar format) right from their dashboard. If your sports club or league makes a change to its schedule, both their account dashboard and calendar entries are updated automatically.

Our schedule feature is available to all of our customers.

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