Introducing, Five Ravens

Since we started the journey to a new software product, my business partner Mike and I have been working many late nights and early mornings.

We've been moving slowly but methodically, designing both the technical architecture and user interface design of the product. These are difficult tasks that take patience and much thought and consideration at every step.

Over the past few weeks our pace has quickened and we're getting more of the needed pieces in place to make our idea a reality.

So, what's our idea?

It's called Five Ravens; web-based software designed specifically for small sports associations.

Competitor products are big, complex and include many features that smaller associations don't or won't ever use. Instead, we're focusing on solving the most important problems for our customers and nailing those key features that are most critical to them.

I began with sketches and then moved onto wireframe prototypes. I showed the wireframes to folks at these sports associations to get their valuable feedback and suggestions. Here's a sneak peek of where I am now: the interface design work I've been wrapped up in since January.

Sneak peek of Five Ravens software product design
Sneak peek of Five Ravens software product design

I started with a single screen and built out from there, establishing a common design system that I could re-use across the product. We are now moving onto turning this artwork into coded templates and then, a functional software product.

As a software designer and a developer who have built their career with client products that are recognized for their usability, accessibility and simplicity, starting from a blank slate of our own has been really fun.

We're enjoying the process of together coming up with ideas, trying stuff out, showing customers what we have and making decisions as we go. The experience has been so freeing.