Hello, Messages

We recently launched a major new feature: Messages.

From inside any Five Ravens account, you can send group and person-to-person messages. Messages are delivered to people via email. They can be used for updates on games, practice sessions, league announcements and whatever else you want to communicate quickly and easily.

Communication for everyone

If you are a league organizer, messages is invaluable when you want to reach everyone at once. Without hassle, we give you the option to send a message to all current registrants and those who have registered in the past.

Within Five Ravens, team members can message each other. Teammates can let others know if they can't make tomorrow's game or are not able to play next week.

Everyone's contact information is held securely and privately within Five Ravens. You don't need to manage or know anyone's personal details to send them a message.

Save time and get the word out

Messages makes it easy to contact everyone who registered last season about your new registration being open. This is a great way to re-connect with players, parents, coaches and officials and stir up excitement about your new season.

Follow up with players

If you don't use online payment for your registration, it can sometimes be hard to collect money from players.

Five Ravens makes it simple to contact those who chose to pay offline with cheque or cash but haven't paid yet. Just find their name in your registration list and send them a direct message.

You can send people a direct message at any time. This is very useful if they are suddenly traded to another team or you need to contact them with a special request.

If you have any questions or would like to get started with Five Ravens, contact support@fiveravens.io.