This is Five Ravens

Mike and I recently put up a landing page for Five Ravens.

Five Ravens is sports management software designed specifically for small leagues and tournaments. It's our new software-as-a-service product. We want to launch Five Ravens in a few months. We're shooting for August 2019.

Together we are hard at work, spending late nights, early mornings and any other spare moments designing, building and showing to potential customers the product as it progresses.

We've received a lot of great feedback and encouragement at customer demos. Showing the product enables us to take what we learn and either make what we have better or add to our backlog.

So far, we've got user accounts and basic association tools in place. Next, we're moving onto the management of events and teams. After that, registration, waivers, venues and payment.

If you manage or help out at a small sports association, I think you'll find Five Ravens really interesting and useful.

I would love for you to check it out at We are also happy to talk in person, via phone or through email.

Contact us.